Style: Pumpkin Ale
ABV: 4.5%
5 Stars

For this final beer in my label picking challenge, I may have cheated just a bit. I am a big sucker for pumpkin-spice flavored things, even when it’s not exactly pumpkin season. I believe that this fact may have impacted my choice. The label is pretty fun with a pumpkin-headed man riding a valiant steed but it isn’t the most eye catching label. Give me a slap on the wrist for this pick.

Wow, the spice must flow with this one. It’s a very intense spice smell. Nice and cinnamon-sugar with a touch of nutmeg. There is also a definite hop smell in there as well. The color is very apple juice. Sparkling apple juice. I might like something a little more.. pumpkin colored?

Remember that cinnamon-sugar taste I mentioned? Does that sound appealing? Good, because that’s about all you’re going to get here. This is a pretty darn light tasting beer, almost on the watery side, and it is very sweet. It has a bubbly body and brings a lot of effervescence but I’m not sure that it fits with the stronger “fall” type spices. The clash of flavors is messing with my head a little. Not in a good way. This beer would be much more appealing with a heavier body and a stronger malt flavor. As it is, it’s frankly bordering on unappealing. 

This is going to be a beer for a very specific person. You have to want a light beer with a lot of sweetness with strong tastes of nutmeg and cinnamon. It’s not terrible but there are many other pumpkin beers that you can safely choose. Otherwise, to the three people that fit into that specific category, please enjoy this beer!

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