Style: IPA
ABV: 7.5%
7.5 Stars

If anyone has read my previous reviews they know how I feel about Florida beers in general.  If my experiences with Florida craft brews could be described as hit or miss it would definitely be more hits than misses.  I couldn’t resist the can on this one though, the artwork was cool in a post-modern pot influenced way – no, I’ve not been smoking pot the can art just made me think of that – and so I grabbed a six.  A whole six pack.  Horror of horrors if I don’t like it but I have enough ‘friends’ that I could pawn five of them off onto if need be so what the heck.

The beer pours out a clear golden color into my favorite glasses with a nice frothy head that holds its own for long enough.  Interestingly the beer seems to change once it hits the glass; while I was pouring this out it appeared clear but when I held the glass up in front of my monitor I couldn’t see the Google logo through the cloudiness.  The carbonation was present but not overwhelming, so I’m not sure how they worked that little bit of magic.

I’ve never been a fan of fruity bIeers, but while this one reminds me of lemons and grapefruit – all sours, no sweet fruits – I really didn’t have any issues with fruitiness in the flavor profile.  The hops are set up right, at 7.5% ABV and a 75 IBU’s this beer starts to touch on the light heavy division and that much in hops adds a bitterness that no fruit could overcome anyway.  The beer tastes a bit dry, but a very pleasant dry and actually refreshing – has to be something in the recipe that does that, because with the bitterness of 75 IBU’s it almost goes down like a paradox.  Or a pair of docks.

Overall a refreshing, drinkable beer with a citrusy bent and enough body to make you check her legal age.  Nothing fancy, nothing to mortgage the boat over, but very drinkable, rather refreshing, a little citrusy and a nice dry bitterness that reminds you that you like to drink beer.

I’ll try some more, and I’ll try some more from this brewery too.

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