Beer Review – Rochester Mills Beer Co – Juice Bigalow Hop Gigolo

Style: New England IPA
ABV: 6.0%
7.5 Stars

With Better on Draft hosting The New England IPA Showdown, I thought I’d review one of the beers still in the running.  Rochester Mills has hopped on the haze train and has put out Juice Bigalow Hop Gigolo.  Now that this style is becoming more prevalent I wanted to not only review the beer but also offer some comparisons to other NEIPAs I’ve tried.

It has a thin white head with medium and prominent lacing.  The aroma hits you right in the nose with tropical fruit flavors as well as a hint of pear.  It has a light to medium body that I associate strongly with the “juicy” moniker attached to NEIPAs.  It has a pale straw to golden color with the characteristic haze.  Flavor-wise it has strong flavors of mango, orange, with hints of apple.  These fruit flavors are balanced nicely with citrus and floral hop notes that make Juice Bigalow a well-balanced beer.

This is a great representation of the NEIPA style.  I feel like it would be unfair to compare it The Flavorful Five or Boss Tweed, because they are double NEIPAs while Juice Bigalow is a single.  When I compare it to my favorite NEIPA, M-43, I find that Juice Bigalow is just a hair below that high standard.  Juice Bigalow is well worth picking up a 4 pack and enjoying, but I know my vote will be going to M-43.