Brewery: RJ Rockers
Style: Witbier
ABV: 4.7
8 Stars

I went back to RJ Rockers for another taste.  I am not usually a fan of Wheat Beers but was so fond of the last RJ Rockers I tried, their brew called Bellringer, that I thought I’d take a crack at a lighter beer and see how they did.

They did well.  And they did a bit of a different spin on a Witbier.

The beer looks pretty much like what you’d expect a Witbier to look like: a little hazy, but a nice bright golden color and a fresh, almost pure white head.  The carbonation on this one is a little high and it creates a quickly forming head that dissipates just as quickly.  The beer offers a pretty clean, fresh smell, and at first sip you find out why.

There is a bit of a citrus bite to it, but not enough to make it dour and certainly not sour.  Then I checked the web site …. Orange peel.  And you can taste it when you know what you’re looking for.  The beer starts a tad sweet and finishes a tad dry, but is very crisp and refreshing.  It’s not what you’d expect in a Witbier: a little malty.  But it does down very smoothly and easily and is a great little thirst quencher.

In summary: a refreshing, rather light beer that has a very good taste and goes down easy, quenching your thirst along the way.

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