Kind of funny: I read another review of this Ale and the reviewer stated they’d been exterminating squirrels for a long time.  The reason I grabbed this beer is because I have been shooting squirrels – let me rephrase that, shooting rodents that make the world think they’re cute by the way they hop around and store their nuts – all weekend long  Guess that goes hand-in-hand: shoot squirrels, drink Browned Eyed Squirrel.

Amber Ales, Brown Ales ….. They all end up in the same place: in my throat.  I’ll try just about any one of these that I see on the shelf just for the fun of it.  Over time, if you drink too many of them too often you run the risk of them all starting to taste the same and that’s a danger I’d prefer to avoid.  But I couldn’t resist this one; I’ve done two other brews from RJ Rockers Brewery and they were both good beers, so when I saw this I grabbed it by the throat and dragged it home.

The beer has the usual in a Brown Ale:  dark color, the caramel and malty aroma and taste, a touch of chocolate in there somewhere, and this one had a bit of a nutty finish – which seems appropriate for a beer named after a mammal that spends the better part of its day playing with it’s nuts.  When it’s poured into a glass the head is thick, tight and foamy and sticks around the edge just fine.  The hops don’t overwhelm anyone here; it’s only packing 18 IBU’s and with a 5.6% ABV that puts it towards the lighter end of my lightweight division.  It’s a smooth beer with a good brown ale taste and not a hint of bitterness.

I like RJ Rockers, I’ll probably try them all eventually.  I like this one too; I’ll never turn one down.

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