Brewery: RJ Rockers
Style: Double Pale Ale
ABV: 8
8 Stars

Dubbel or Double?  Ah, I just go with the label.  This one is labeled a Double Pale Ale which also confused me …. Maybe that’s the thing, I’m easily confused.  Is it a Double and a Pale Ale or is it a Double Pale, Ale?

Doesn’t matter, it’s good, it really is.  What most people call cloudy or hazy I call naked and unafraid, a beer that’s not shy about showing it’s body.  The beer pours into a glass with an aged copper color haze and a thick, rich foamy head that’s just a little off-white.  

The flavor is very good.  As I drank the beer it seemed the flavor profile shifted a bit from mouthful to mouthful.  It was consistently hoppy and the bitterness was always present, with a little citrus bite always one swallow away from the sweetness of a touch of molasses. The flavor has an intriguing depth to it that will make me go back for more.

My research then filled me in a little bit.  The mix of Tradition and Cascade hops combined with a blend of Caramel and Munich malts (that’s taken right from their website) made sense to me after tasting the beer.  It’s all blended together into a very smooth, very drinkable Ale that lives up to it’s name.  The beer clocks in at 8% so could be considered a light heavyweight but it packs the punch of a big boy.

This beer represents a fine brewery and a fine effort, and I will try other brews from these folks as soon as I get my hands on them.

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