Beer: Standard
Style: American Ale
ABV: 5.6
7.5 Stars

I’m becoming convinced that every brewer has at least one ale that they intentionally make light and airy. That’s a good start to describing this beer – light and airy.

This is another brew that does not offer up a ton of flavor, yet in this case it serves a purpose: an excellent thirst quencher. The beer pours out of the bottle a light golden hue, a little hazy and offers up a white head that breaks apart quickly and leaves a light, light lace on the side of the glass.

The beer is described as a Hoppy Farmhouse Ale, so I have to classify it as an ale, but it almost goes down as a lager.

The flavor is mild, a little tart and perhaps starting to lean towards sour, and this is another example of a dry-hopped beer – it’s starting to seem to me that a dry hopped brew will get all the tartness of the hops without the mellowness of cooking the hops into the mix so that the oils from the plant will stir into the brew. There is a bit of a citrus smell and citrus flavor, at least some lemon, It’s not a complex beer at all, very straightforward light ale.

The brewer notes the presence of Motueka hops, a product of New Zealand and something I’m not familiar with other than this beer. The beer does have a hoppy finish but it’s not overwhelming, and certainly not a bitter beer at all. Not sweet, but not bitter.

Overall about 7.0 -7.5. I’d drink it again and would also seek out some other brews from this brewer,

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