Everyone is still on the Northeast Style IPA train. Locally, some are doing it really well and some, not so much. While everyone seems to be concentrating on the hazy almost murky looking appearance of the NEIPA, it seems to be forgotten that there is some diversity in the style. When we look at some of the East Coast producers of fine IPA’s, not all of them have such intense haze and full, heavy mouthfeel. Some are more “juicy” and not so cloudy in appearance. This is where Petoskey Brewing’s “Juicy” enters. While its not “hazy”, this beer does have some nice color to it. The mouthfeel is considerably lighter and more crisp than many other representatives of the style. There are plenty of citrus notes (heavy orange to me) and some orange/ citrus rind in the finish. I like what Petoskey does with IPA’s. I haven’t been disappointed with one, yet. Cheers!

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