Beer Review – Perrin Brewing Company – No Problems

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 4.5%
7 Stars

Please allow me to begin by stating that I hate “Session” IPA’s. I hate the concept, let alone the reality of a 4%ABV IPA. They mostly taste like seltzer water and leave me wishing that I had never sipped it. I have discovered an exception to this rule in Perrin’s “No Problems” Session IPA. While still a little thin, “No Problems” retains most of the great flavor and hop character I expect in a good IPA. At 4.5%ABV, it’s perfect for those summer events where you want to have several beers but still be coherent and able to enjoy the day. There is no complex flavor profile or anything like that. It’s just an IPA, plain and simple. After having it forced upon me in the Perrin “Pack of Problems”, I will definitely keep it handy throughout the summer.