Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.4%
8 Stars

Founders Brewing Company is one of the most recognizable Michigan breweries around the country. I wanted to get in on their celebration of mitten love and tried a Michigan-only release, Palm Reader. Proceeds from the sale of Palm Reader is going to support Grand Rapids Whitewater, which is focused on the health of the Grand River, which is also pretty cool.

What a delightfully spunky beer! There is carbonation galore and it has a very nice straw color. A bit hazy but pleasant to the eye. It has a zippy and clean aroma with nice and zesty hops. It smells just as an APA ought to!

I very much appreciate a well made APA. The great balance of flavor, the spicy-sweet hops, and some earthy touches for good measure. This beer has a really pleasant balance on the tongue of all these flavors. I love it when the different taste bud areas on your tongue really light up and this beer showcases that in spades.

If you’re a hop head this is a very nice choice at the bar. It has a nice tongue tickling flavor and a fun bubbly texture. It dances right now the middle of your tongue. This is an excellent beer for the land shaped like a hand!

2 thoughts on “Beer Review – Founders Brewing Co – Palm Reader”
  1. Palm Reader is a pretty good pale. Not my usual go-to type of beer, but super drinkable. It’s rare there’s a Founders release that I don’t enjoy.

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