Brewery: Oskar Blues
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 6.5%
7 Stars

I love beer. I love to drink beer. I love to talk about beer. I love just about everything about beer. I enjoy complex beers that have a lot going on that take real concentration to drink. However, sometimes I just want a beer; a beer that I don’t have to think about…a beer that’s just good and that’s that. I have run across a few of these as of late and it’s not that they are poorly done or “non-descript”. They are just really good representations of simple styles. The latest of these that I have had the pleasure of experiencing is Oskar Blues’ “Dale’s Pale Ale”. I was at dinner on a 90 degree evening and really just wanted a nice, crisp, refreshing beer. Dale’s is EXACTLY that. It’s very well balanced. The hops are present, but not overpowering with some very pleasant citrus notes. I couldn’t have asked for a better beer for such an evening. Just my luck, the restaurant carried it in the 19oz. “stovepipe” can. At 6.5%ABV and such a crisp taste, this one is sessionable for me. I could easily have a few in one sitting. Cheers!

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