Style: Double Brown
ABV: 8.1%
8 Stars

So, the Northheast Style IPA craze has hit Michigan in full force. The haze is EVERYWHERE! With the exception of the “Big 2
” (Bell’s and Founders) it seems as if everyone is making some variation of it. Leading the pack is Old Nation Brewery in Williamston, MI. Their “M43” IPA has a cult following. “Boxer” is incredibly well done, and the newest release, “Boss Tweed”, may be the best of the bunch. All of that said, Old Nation does more than IPA’s.

Brown Ales are a style that have progressed from tasting like thin, watered down Porters to having really distinct flavors and presence. Here’s where Old Nation’s “Electron Brown” comes in. Overshadowed by the NEIPA’s that have made Old Nation the buzz of the Michigan beer scene, “Electron Brown” is amongst the most solid Brown Ales I have had the pleasure of drinking. Electron is the exact opposite of what Brown Ales used to be. It pours thick and mouthfeel matches, giving it an almost stout-like body. There’s a great balance of nuttiness, a hint of coffee, and some bitter chocolate. Weighing in at 8.1%ABV, it has a warm, lingering finish that’s just a little on the dry side. This is a very well executed Double Brown Ale. Cheers!

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