So, I’m going to skip all the niceities and cordialities and get right to it. Old Nation is LEGIT when it comes to North East Style IPA’s. NEIPA’s are much more than just “cloudy beer”. While the haze is definitely a signature characteristic of the style, it is just one and maybe the least important characteristic. Mouthfeel, hop blend, citrus, and a number of other things separate the good from the bad of the style. Having had these beers from most if not all of the East Coast “originators”, I can with confidence say that Old Nation stands up to ALL of them. Their M-43 NEIPA has amassed a deservedly loyal following. My purpose here is to sing the praises of their Boss Tweed Double IPA. Boss Tweed may very well be the best beer made in Michigan right now. It has everything I look for in a NE(D)IPA. The mouthfeel is tremendous and it has a great balance of dankness and citrusy juiciness. At 9.3%ABV, it’s no lightweight offering. The full body is present from the first sip through the full, warm finish. I may sound like a “homer” in stating that Old Nation is world class with this style, but dammit its the TRUTH!


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Jon Draper · April 30, 2019 at 11:54 am

I agree 100%, and I am very lucky as I live only about 10 or 12 minutes from the brewery. If you get the chance to go there you have to try the cheese curds and wings.

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