Brewery: Odd Side Ales
Style: Fruit IPA
ABV: 6%
8 Stars

If you haven’t been to One Under Bar and you’re on the west side of Detroit, do yourself a favor. Tasty food, great outdoor seating in the summer and a drool inducing tap list, it’s an excellent choice for a beer lover. Speaking of beer, if you look at my past reviews you might suspect I’m a fruit lover. That actually isn’t really the case and fruit is something I tend to shy away from. So why did I pick a Passion Fruit beer? Who knows! Did I choose well? Let’s find out:

Great color here. Nice and bright and summery, in a pleasant orangey-gold. The smell is also very inviting. It’s bright and very fruity, though not overpoweringly sweet. I can already tell this is going to be a real thirst-quencher.

If you’ve had passion fruit flavored anything, this will spark vivid memories. The taste is really here which ticks a big box for me. I like the beer to taste as advertised and here you will definitely find some passionate fruit. There is an IPA flavor on the backbone but it’s a little on the….sweaty side? I think the zesty flavors of the passion fruit blend a little oddly with the hops which makes the flavor just a tiny bit gritty. It does very little to quash the sweet and juicy flavor, however.

This is a great summer choice for a fruity beer lover. I guess I fall into that category but I definitely feel that this beer has a cross market appeal. It’s very drinkable, and the flavors are strong and inviting. Though maybe a bit on the sweaty side. So he’s just like your summer pool boy. Feel free to call this little number on over for some summer passion! Fruit!

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