Style: Belgian Style Golden Ale
ABV: 9.2%
8 Stars

They say that the best beer is free beer. While that is true, that won’t stop me from nitpicking about the taste!

What a fun color! Nice and light and bright. It’s also very cloudy but there is a magical stream of bubbles that keeps the head nice and foamy. What can I say other than it smells like a Belgian? A pleasant, sweet, banana smell with maybe a hint of bubblegum? It’s a beer that says “drink me!” and I’m inclined to oblige.

If you like Belgian style beer you will probably enjoy this one. It’s a bit more sweet than I find most Belgians to be but it has a solid banana and pear blended flavor. I enjoy the pleasant spices which help to balance out the sweetness as well. There is a pleasant bread flavored base but I wish it was a bit more on the yeast side. It’s like I wanted banana bread but I got banana cake. It’s close but not quite what I’m looking for. I’m not exactly sure why but boy have I been drinking a lot of sweet beers lately!

I do have to say, I was totally shocked by the ABV. I recognize that it’s right in the usual tripel range at 9%, however it is such a light tasting beer. Nine percent won’t exactly send one crashing to the floor after one sip but it’s a pretty hefty number relative to the ease with which I drank this beer! It’s very on the sweet side, but if you’re a Belgian fan you can pick this one up without hesitation. Sante‘!

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