Beer Review – Monday Night Brewing – Drafty Kilt

Style: Scotch Ale
ABV: 7.2
8 Stars

With a name like McCarthy it’s difficult for me to resist anything that makes me think of the Ireland / Scotland part of the world.  This ale is no exception and is even more so, a pleasant surprise.

True to form Drafty Kilt is a deep brown color, approaching liquid chocolate in a bottle with a smokey underscore.  The ale manages to stay just on the edges of the line between bitter and sweet and with an ABV of 7.2% it lands smack dab in the middle of what I call the light-heavyweight division.  This beer goes down smooth and easy and would be great with a small plate of Irish cheese and a few crackers.  Not sure I’d pair it with Bangers and Mash but it fills in the appetizer role just fine.

I did find it interesting that i didn’t feel “full” after drinking this beer.  It’s a hearty ale with a strong body, but didn’t feel like it was filling – I was ready for more when I finished the first one.  I could see myself having one of these before a nice steak dinner.

The Monday Night Brewing Company tells us that they’ve used Columbus and Willamette hops, nothing extraordinary there, so the finished product is truly the product of a great effort in the tank room.  Scottish brewers used all kinds of things to impart flavor to their brew – even peat moss to get that smoky flavor.  I don’t think the guys from Atlanta had to dig up moss to get this great flavor but whatever they did it worked.

If a Scotch Ale is to your liking this one will not disappoint you.