Style: Ancient Ale
ABV: 9.0%
8 Stars

Hey history buffs! Are you interested in ancient beers? Of course you are. With Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch now you can drink like an ancient Phrygian!

I really enjoy the color of this beer. There is little to no head but it has a nice warm amber color, very inviting for drinking. The smell is very sweet and grapey. It smells a bit too much like Welch’s grape juice for my taste but there is also a definite note of honey. You may be able to trick someone into thinking this is a wine if you can disguise the color. Maybe a drier white wine. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of wine in the world, it’s a nice gateway drink to expand my palate.

Taste-wise this is going to be somewhere between a mead and a wine. I feel like that’s a bit odd to say for a beer review but that’s something that I like about it. This is definitely a unique beer which is something I tend to seek out. Luckily, the grape flavor is a bit more rich and filling than the Welchy smell and there is quite a bit of honey and spice. I love that this settles nicely between the mead (with it’s rich honey and spice) and wine (with a pleasant dryness and grape) categories. Definitely worth a try.

Midas touch appeals to me in a few ways. It has a more unique taste for a beer and I love history, especially ancient history. While drinking this beer it’s nice to think about throwing one back with King Midas in Central Turkey about 2700 years ago. Şerefe!

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