Beer: Grapefruit Shandy
Style: Radler
ABV: 4.5%
9.5 Stars

Today was muggy, raining and long. I drank more then enough water and now i wanted a nice cold beer. Perfect day for a refreshing Radler style beer. Lucky Girl Brewery’s Grapefruit Shandy.

Its a hazy golden ruby color, like the skin of a perfectly ripe ruby red grapefruit. With a light sniff, it smells just like an actual grapefruit. It’s a refreshing scent, like the start of a new day.

It’s has a light wheat taste with a quick refreshing kick of grapefruit. It has a little tang to it. With another sip it becomes clear that it is light bodied for a wheat beer. The color may be thick but the flavor is crisp, almost bubbly. It reminds me of a morning mimosa.

As I drink it, the flavor stays consistent. The wheat and grapefruit staying perfectly balanced, almost dancing together to create the perfect unfiltered sip each time. It is easy to drink.

The model on the bottle intrigued me. Wherever she is, it is beyond hot. At 4.5% ABV, you could easily enjoy a few Lucky Girl Grapefruit Shandy’s on a hot summer day. The bottle doesn’t lie, it is Rubylicious.

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