Oh boy am I in trouble.

A little backstory: I was reacquainted with an old friend a little over a year ago, from my hometown and school days.  Getting back in touch with Tim has been a real blessing and we’ve managed to stay in touch over the last year, but the best part – he has impeccable taste in beer.  Tim introduced me to Lagunitas and for a while I was drinking everything Lagunitas I could find.  It’s been a great friendship – both Tim and the beers.

And … my wife’s name is Sally.  And she is an Aunt Sally.  So imagine the excitement as I carried a six pack home.  This was going to be great, I just knew it.

I have to admit there were warnings on the label, and on the carrier.  They posted it right up front: Dry-Hopped, Sweet-Tart, Sour Mash Ale.  I had to expect it to be a little on the sour side, and I did get sour.  Unfortunately a little too sour for my personal taste.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good beer.  Lagunitas did not disappoint, their efforts are as usual stunning, spectacular and spot-on beer artistry. The beer pours out a nice golden color, with a white head that laces just as any good ale should.  It gives itself away with the first sniff, you can smell the tartness as soon as you pour it.  There is a lot of tart fruit flavor in the first sip, and that stays with you as you sip it – I don’t generally sip beers but this one I did.  The beer is kind of light as it goes down, not as heavy as some sour mashes I’ve had in the past.

The beer never gives up on being sour.  Regardless of how you describe the taste – sour apples, sour fruit, sour lover ….. This ale definitely rings true to it’s sour description.  It’s dry hopped, so none of the oils from the hops enter the beer, just the flavor of the hops themselves.  So all of the tartness comes from the recipe rather than the hops.

A healthy tart – the beer, not Aunt Sally – and a good beer for the sour mash beer lover, just not the beer for me.
Please don’t tell Aunt Sally.

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