Anything coconut always makes me think of a trip I took to Hawaii in my early 20’s. So when I spotted Kona Brewing Co. Koko Brown, I knew I had to try it. A beer brewed with toasted coconut was just what I wanted on this 90 degree day. Sure, I was in the backyard watching kids play on a slip-n-slide, but I could pretend I was in Maui.

The color is a dark brown, like the shell of a coconut. It’s transparent so I can already tell it will be light bodied.

The smell is nutty. With the first few sips you only taste that nut flavor of a coconut you don’t get any of the sweetness. It’s definitely a light bodied brown ale, making it an easy beer to drink on a hot humid day.

As the beer warms, you begin to get the full flavor of coconut and the chocolate malts used in brewing this beer. The toasted coconuts and the malt combination leaves you with layers of flavor in each sip.

Whether it’s Waikiki Beach, The Great Lakes of Michigan or your backyard slip-n-slide, Koko Brown is a well balanced summer beer.



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