Style: Black Ale
ABV: 5.2%
7 Stars

You should always try to have a beer on your birthday, friends. It’s not required but how else will you have a happy birthday? They are even better when it’s free…

I won’t lie, I am attracted to the color of Black Ales and IPAs. The color certainly does not match the taste and the dissonance just tickles my brain in such a fabulous way. This beer has a rich dark color, vaguely red and with a gentle fluffy head. The smell is on the sweet side and there isn’t too much else to report.

Perhaps the fault is with me and I am just too used to drinking black ipas. I really expected some great hoppiness but I didn’t find it here. In fact, I really didn’t find much here. It feels very watery and thin in your mouth. There is a sweetness, but it doesn’t feel like it’s derived from fruit or honey or molasses. Just sugar and water. It’s basically a sweetened malt beverage. There is some slight tang, maybe just a whisper of stone fruit, but not much. If you lean down and listen very closely to the glass you may hear a small voice whisper “….pruuunes…”.

Sorry Keewanaw, I’ve had better black ales. You would not slump onto the bar in regret for choosing this beer but you might let out a wistful sigh at the giant beer list on the wall. While I may have come off a little harsh, it’s not terrible. I was expecting more and my expectations let me down. Happy Birthday to me.

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