Style: American Brown Ale
ABV: 6
8.5 Stars

I just love the look of a dark, thick ale pouring into a glass.  Jekyll Brewing Cooter Brown  pours in thick, produces about a half inch thick head with a warm tan color, and the head sticks around long enough to exchange a few pleasantries.  With a little coaxing you can get a whiff of toasty malts and dark chocolate and when the smell hits your nose it’s pleasant and encouraging.

As thick as it looks when it pours the ale still manages to pour in clear, with a hint of cola in the color and the toasty-roasty aroma of the malts.  They don’t hide the flavor of the hops behind anything and that taste compliments the rest of the recipe quite nicely.

This is another beer that I drink, I don’t sip.  Each mouthful is a tad bittersweet with memories of good rich dark chocolate hitting the taste buds.  The beer goes down smoothly and leaves a feeling of satisfaction.  Between the taste and the smell and body of the beer it’s in what I refer to as the appetizer section, heavy enough that you know you’re drinking a good brown ale but not so heavy that you’re too full for dinner.  At 6% ABV it just starts to hit the fringe of my light-heavyweight division and with 46 IBU’s it’s taste is also on the fringe of hoppy …… seems appropriate, I can just picture some guy named Cooter hangin’ out on the fringes.

All in all a very good, very drinkable beer that has me wanting more and more from this brewer.

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