Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 5.8%
8.5 Stars

An Amber Ale is always a good beer to try.  Often, when beer drinkers start to realize how many different beers and different styles of beer are available, an Amber Ale will sit at the top of their list of beers to drink for a while.  As a beer drinker expands their palette and branches out into others, the Amber Ale will remain a favorite, a go-to beer, while joined at the top with other styles discovered along the way.

This offering, from the Jekyll Brewing Company, is an excellent example of the Amber Ale style.  It’s a very balanced ale, not too malty and not too hoppy, with a 5.8% ABV that has it cruising North of the lightweight division  The IBU’s come in at 49 – hard to get more in the middle than that.  Overall the beer is a fine example of an Amber Ale that is obviously the result of a time-tested recipe that is closely adhered to.

There is an interesting, almost citrusy, flavor in this Ale, and what that lends to the overall flavor profile is a leg up.  The ‘Merican has a lot of taste in one bottle, even a bit more than you might expect from an Amber Ale.s  It pours into a glass with a nice deep copper color, a head that thickens up and sticks around and a full on beer flavor that reminds you you’re drinking a big boys drink – and big girls too.  All in all it adds up to a lot of flavor for a beer and especially for an Amber Ale.

This is going on my list as a go-to beer; I’ll definitely have it again.

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