This is certainly one of the nicest IPA’s I’ve tasted.  Jailhouse Brewing’s Mug Shot IPA not only went down easy, tasted great and left a good impression – it also introduced me to a pretty cool brewery that I’ll try again.

The beer pours out just like it tastes – with that little cloudiness I like to refer to as body, a nice orange gold with a tight light beige head.  The Ale looks like liquid caramel and you can taste that too, in the maltiness of the hops. This is a very good, down-to-earth, straight up old school IPA.  You can smell the fruit in the aroma but the bitterness of the hops does not overpower anything – you just get a clean tasting Ale that clearly and cleanly represents the middleweight division – 6.5% ABV and 50 IBU, smack dab in the middle of everything.

The beer goes down very smoothly and very tasty.  I was reminded of some bread making I used to do, with some whole grain breads and a touch of molasses and yet the tinge of flowers and fruits is present in every swallow.  It’s not really sour, just a tint of the hops and some fruits, and even though it’s 6.5 on the ABV scale you don’t really get an overbearing taste of alcohol.

This is a very good IPA.  A quick visit to the website will also pique your interest as it has mine.  I’m ready to try a few more from this crew.

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