Style: American Lager
ABV: 4.6
5 Stars


Well, sooner or later your luck runs out.

I dived into another Lager this week, Hi-Wire Lager from the Hi-Wire Brewing Company.  I honestly can’t even remember where I found this bottle but I suspect it was in a batch of pick-six I put together at a local store.  I’d never seen Hi-Wire before and since the height of Summer seems to call for lighter Lagers I thought I’d give it a try.

This is the second beer in a row that pours out perfectly clear, crystal clear, into the glass from the bottle.  It’s very translucent, you can see right through it and the first thing that comes to mind is seeing the world through beer glass(es).  The aroma is a straw / hay smell, with a mild sourness on the nose – very mild, not pronounced at all.

The taste: unremarkable to tell you the truth.  It fell short in any flavor but it did hint at grain, most likely a little corn flavor.  It goes down very smoothly, and is actually a refreshing liquid – kind of light, something you’d like on a really hot day after a heavy round of honey-do’s.  But still – very unremarkable flavor.  After the first few tastes I found myself just wanting to finish it and move on.

The beer has little to no body, higher than average carbonation and it does present a decent head when it’s poured into the glass.  But I doubt I’ll go back for more Hi-Wire Brewing stuff anytime soon and I have to say I’ll not try this one again.

Better luck next week I guess ……

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