Style: Porter
ABV: 6.0%
7.5 Stars

If I keep drinking these dark porters and dark ales people are going to start thinking I’ve gone over to the dark side.  In a sense I guess I have …. I really like a beer with a little body, a little bulk and a little something to brag about.  The Green Man Porter has all of that in varying degrees and proved to be a very drinkable beer.

This particular Porter however is an interesting one.  The hops are not heavy and come in at 40 IBU’s, and although you can taste and feel their presence they’re not overwhelming.  This is evident right out of the bottle, you don’t really smell the hops that you know must be in there, and then when you take that first sip you get the same mysterious look on your face:  what’d they do to the hops?  They are there, just capped off at the perfect blend to give the beer a little bitter balance and not annoy the drinker with their presence.

The color is as dark and brown, almost as black as you can get out of a bottle, with a creamy head that sticks together as it climbs up the side of the glass.  The head sticks to the side all the way down as you drink it, clinging to daylight but succumbing to the inevitable – you will finish one of these once you start it.

There’s a touch of sweetness and the ever present taste of dark chocolate – that seems to be the calling card of darker beers – but overall the beer does tend to lean towards the sweeter side.

As I drank this Porter a thought occurred to me:  for all of it’s color, for all of it’s body, for all of it’s lace up and down the side of the glass ….. The beer really didn’t overpower me with any distinct aroma or distinct flavor.  You can tell the hops were in the mix, you can get the faint chocolate flavor and a sweet tint on the tongue.  But truthfully this beer is a balanced, middle of the road when it comes to flavor, Porter.

I will try more from this brewery, and will probably have another one of these someday.

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