Style: Marzen
ABV: 6.5%
9 Stars

Get out the pretzels, lederhosen and steins, it’s my favorite time of the year!

This beer has a lovely fall color and has all of the great charms an attractive beer should. It has plenty of wonderful bubbles and a fantastic foamy head that you just want to fall into. Get it? FALL into?? Hahaha!

Oktoberfest smells like a beer smells. It has a slightly sweet and bready smell. Malty and delicious! It may be a little bit too much on the sweet smelling side but I feel like I have a real sugar bias lately.

There are a lot of very solid flavor combinations going on right here. It’s sweet with a hint of nuttiness. I believe there is a very slight pretzel aftertaste as well. It has a great, well rounded and pleasant flavor and I feel like all of your taste buds are engaged, which is something I enjoy in a beer. It makes my whole mouth happy. Very refreshing and it has a nice light finish. A great choice and a very tasty beer!

I struggled between giving this beer an eight or a nine. In the end I chose to go with nine because of the drinkability. The sheer ease and pleasure with which I gulped this down was truly a treat. If you want a seriously “quaffable” beer that will tickle your palate in all the right places, you now know where to go.

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