Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 5.0%
7 Stars

I will not say that I am proud of myself for choosing this beer. Potty humor aside, I’m not sure you want your beer to be associated with, well, you know. It’s very clear, however, that Against the Grain is well… you know. If one is on a mission to choose beers by their label you probably won’t walk by this one.

There isn’t much of a head but there’s really nice swirly lacing that hangs around for the life of the beer. I appreciate a good lacing because without it I feel like I’m drinking a flat cola. It just feels wrong. There isn’t a terribly strong smell but what you do get is a bit biscuity, malty and sweet. There’s also a bit of surprising spiciness as well?

The taste is somewhat interesting. That isn’t necessarily a good thing, but no need to burn down the house just yet. There are some pretty strong coffee, malt, and sweet flavors, towards the caramel side. I was really surprised by the dry and somewhat bitter finish. It’s not something I typically associate with a brown. I would personally say that is to this beer detriment but I could see others enjoying it. Maybe I am being more critical than usual because of the confident proclamations on the can but your mouth shouldn’t write checks your poopy butt can’t cash.

I think there are things here for brown fans to enjoy. I wouldn’t expect to be swept away with magical flavor but I think you will enjoy a solid, if unremarkable drinking experience. While I am not ready to agree that this is the end all be all for browns, I can tell you with certainty that this beer does not taste like shit.

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