Brewery: Founders
Beer: Doom
Style: Imperial Pale Ale
ABV: 12.4
9 Stars

Whoa, I stepped on a land mine this week …… and it was worth every sip.

Found this sitting by itself on the shelf at a local store.  No six-pack available and this was the only one they had left of this particular beer.  I guess I’m a softie for a loner …… grabbed it and brought it home and stuck it in the fridge and almost forgot I had it.

This was my first shot at a beer aged in a bourbon barrel.  Not sure why that is because I do love’s me some bourbon, but I guess I’d never had the chance before this little treat.

When I opened it and poured it my first impression was, ‘eh’ …. No big deal.  It poured into a glass with a nice tight, foamy head and a pretty, deep copper color.  Then the aroma started to lift it’s way up my nostrils:  it was full and you could smell the bourbon from the barrel. After a sip even the smell of this beer seemed smooth.

And oh how sweet and smooth the sips were.  This is a sipping beer, which is not how I usually drink a beer, and at 12.4% ABV you could understand why sipping this is the best way to enjoy it – definitely at the top of my heavyweight division. The bourbon is present in every sip and the beer leaves a lingering dryness in the mouth, just a little after taste that reminds you of everything you thought was in it when you first got a whiff of the brew: a touch of butterscotch that throws you off the heady kick from the hops that soon follows.  The beer finishes with a nice bitter kick that makes you long for the next sip.  The alcohol content keeps any sweetness in check and the hops taste great.

This stuff is barrel aged in a bourbon oak barrel – and it earns it’s ‘Imperial’ code name.  I’d drink another, and I’ll try Founders beers again soon ….. If I can find one on the shelf.

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