Beer: PC Pils
Style: Pilsner
ABV: 5.6%
7 Stars

As a lover of Stouts and IPA’s, the bigger the better, I never thought I would say this but…I am glad to see breweries not just battling each other to see who can produce the strongest IPA’s and Stouts. While competitions like that are fun for me, sometimes I need something “regular strength”. A trend has recently developed of breweries taking the time to brew more classic styles. Founders “PC Pils” is a perfect example. The Pils(ner) style is incredibly popular and very easy to drink. This offering may join the ranks of “gateway beers” to get more people drinking “Craft Beer”. It’s pretty much exactly what you would expect from a Pilsner. It’s crisp and light, but of course, Founders put their own twist on the Pils by using American hops. The American hops give it just a little bit of a “bite” that is not characteristic of Pilsners. Overall, this is a really easy drinking beer. This will definitely be a staple in my refrigerator. Cheers!

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