Beer: Foster's
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.9%
6 Stars

Dear Australians, please forgive me. This review is meant to bridge the gap between American and Australians and bring us together in a rousing call of “meh”.

It was a goal of mine to drink a Fosters in Australia. I have Australian friends (mates?) so I am aware that the American idea of Fosters as “Australian for beer” is a big, fat lie. It’s actually amusing because whenever I mentioned Fosters or a native Australian saw it in my hand, their face would blanch and they would say “are you sure you want to drink that?” Not only is Fosters NOT Australian for beer, it is actively despised by Australians.

I’ve never seen such a bubbly beer. You can’t tell in the picture but there is literally a tornado of bubbles in the glass. There is quite a big fluffy head on the pale amber beer. It’s pleasant enough. The smell is a bit on the… sweaty side. It’s a bit spicy and musky. Yeesh.

The taste is grainy and bready. The hops create a pleasant enough spice but overall the it’s quite watery. Light and grainy, any fans of the major US breweries would easily fit this into their fridge. All others need not apply.

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