While browsing my local beer store for something new to wet my whistle, I decided to give something from Evil Twin Brewing a try. I’d been seeing their beers on the shelves for some time and I wasn’t even sure I’d tried anything they’ve made. So what to try? Molotov Cocktail? Imperial IPA with mango and orange? Well, yes please.

When I looked at the ABV printed on the can, I audibly let out a “holy shit”. I’d expected something nearing the double-digits, but when I saw the alcohol content was 12%, I was surprised. Time to get some drunk on!

I cracked the can and got to pouring… something I may have done a bit aggressively, as the head was enormous, nearly overflowing the glass. Once the frothy head settled down a bit, I stuck my nose in and took a nice big whiff. This beer radiates with the scent of mangoes, pineapple, citrus and hint of alcohol, letting you know that, while it’ll be sweet and tasty, this cocktail means business.

For a beer that is quite high in alcohol content, it’s deceivingly smooth. It’s sweet and hoppy, and the alcohol gives a bitey zing to the back of the tongue as it goes down. Citrus… a bit of pineapple… this is one sweet, full bodied IPA. It didn’t seem too cloying, but I would suggest drinking this one while it’s still cold, as the alcohol really started to show through the warmer it became. This is a sipper, and one to be enjoyed.

The next time I’m at the beer store I’ll have to snag myself a regular Molotov Cocktail to see how it compares. If it’s anywhere near as enjoyable as this version, I’ll be in for a treat.

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