Style: American IPA
ABV: 8.2%
9 Stars

It’s week three of the great bottle art caper. I liked the choice for this week because it features an adorable drawn hop spewing sparkles all over the bottle. Wheeee! I don’t get the glitter barf but it makes for a colorful presentation so I won’t complain.

Wow, this hop smell is all up in my face. Very nipping at your nose here. There isn’t much of a head but I don’t mind that, especially with an IPA. The color is a bit of an unsettling yellow, but again, color isn’t too important to me. I can’t see the color once it’s in my belly.

Wow, this hop taste is all up in my face. This is a very pleasant combo. The hop tastes gets right up and punches you in the mouth. You didn’t even look at it’s girlfirend or insult it’s mother. It’s just that aggressive. Jeez man, what did I do to you?! However, there is a very quick turn around and all of a sudden it’s all back pats and belly rubs. The finish is a juicy citrus delight. After the bitter hop it has a thirst-quenching sweetness. Yummy! The ABV is no joke either. It’s not out of the stratosphere or anything (space? GET IT?) but at 8.2% it gives me a bit of tingle.
Space Dust is a very pleasant experience, especially for hop heads. It doesn’t hold back on the ABVs or the IBUs and that makes for a pretty enticing beer. It’s not perfection but don’t be afraid to HOP on down to a local store and grab one. So far I’ve been pretty successful with my bottle art experiment. Maybe you CAN judge a bottle by it’s cover?

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