Style: Ale
ABV: 5%
7.5 Stars

It never seems to fail. Give me a nice sunny day and I will always gravitate toward a beer that is made and infused with fruit. That is probably why Dark Horse Brewing’s Raspberry Ale stood out to me from the back of our crowded beer fridge. Nothing screams 72 and sunny like the picture of a big bumble bee and even larger raspberry depicted on the front of the bottle.

It pours beautifully, leaving a nice thick head resting on top a hazy light burgundy color settling underneath. You can immediately smell the raspberry used in making this ale. It’s a fresh scent.

With the first sip, the raspberry flavor is strong & fresh. Like biting into a fresh ripe raspberry. It’s clear that by adding the raspberries to the end of the fermentation process, left this beer with a stronger raspberry flavor. As I continue to drink it, it becomes more tart in flavor.

It’s a light bodied beer making it easy to drink. At 5% ABV you could easily enjoy a few. For me, I will stop at one. The sweet and tart combination is good, but more then one might be a little over kill.

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