Style: IPA
ABV: 5.9
8.5 Stars

What a nice beer.

And that’s actually quite a compliment coming from me.  I live in Florida, I drink this water – and face it, the local water is a large component of the taste of any beer recipe – and until this beer I’ve not really been a big fan of Florida beers.  Last weeks review was another Florida beer and it came out just about like I’d expect – not bad but not great either.

This one beat that rating.  Coppertail Brewing is located down the road from us, less than an hour, and this beer introduced me to another brewery that I’m going to have to spend some time with.

The beer pours out a nice golden color with a head that pops up and holds it’s own.  The aroma is a mix, and it seems like Coppertail has done a good job of making this beer represent the local flora and fauna, including a nice citrus backbone that does not turn even me off – I’m not a fan of fruity beers but these guys got the flavor profile right.  Pine and pine straw are the sights and smells of every wooded area in Florida and the brewery has managed to include that aroma in this ale.  It’s a little hazy out of the bottle, which I don’t mind – clear beers have no body in my book – and brings a nice flavor profile that is not overwhelmed by the hops.

It does have some hops.  The beer has a clean and refreshing taste that finishes a bit dry.  When you toss in the pine, the citrus and the dry finish of the hops you start to realize you’ve got a simply complex – is that an oxymoron? – beer on your hands.

This is a good beer. Not only will I drink more of these I’ll definitely try some more from Coppertail.

ps…pay no attention to the big pot of Denny’s by now infamous – recipe available upon request – chili in the background.

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