Beer Review – Clown Shoes Beer – Aurora Orangealis IPA

Style: IPA
ABV: 7%
7 Stars

I frequently see 22oz bombers from Clown Shoes gracing the shelves of my local beer-selling establishments. With fun names and fantastically absurd label art, it’s hard not to snag one of their bottles every time I browse the available beer selection. This particular brew, Aurora Orangealis, was procured by my brother-in-law, who brought it out to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. What better way to celebrate and honor our servicemen and women than by drinking a beer on a boat with a Marine? Now that’s goddamn AMERICAN.

Aurora Orangealis pours a glorious golden copper orange that simply radiates in the sunlight. This is one damn nice looking beer! It’s like Summer sunshine in a glass! With a nice half-inch of fluffy head on top, it also looked like a great way to refresh myself after some strenuous pontooning. It smelled citrusy, orangey and fresh, with a hint of piney hops.

Orange zest is upfront in the overall flavor of this beer though it does have some rich biscuit maltiness and hoppy bitterness as well, preventing it from being overly sweet. It’s moderately carbonated and medium-bodied but, man, it sure goes down easily while piloting a sun-soaked vessel.

Balanced and enjoyable, Aurora Orangealis is a pleasant beer but not incredibly exciting… I would consider this a pretty standard American IPA. It has just enough orange zing to live up to it’s namesake, though I was hoping for a bit more citrus pop! But who am I to complain? This is far better than anything else in the cooler!

I’m sure this is just one in a long line of Clown Shoes brews that I’ll be enjoying this Summer. It’s certainly a nice way to start off boating season. USA!