ABV: 4.2%
6 Stars

Since I recently reviewed a citrus flavored beer, let’s keep that train moving and have another! This time is Bud Light Lime! It’s a slightly different choice than my last but hey, why not?

You can definitely smell the lime in this bad boy. It has a decently strong citrus scent but also that classic smell you know and love. When you smell it you tend to either think of college or that one uncle. You know the one.

I think part of the secret to Budweiser’s success is its emphasis on bubble production. It’s just so sparkly! Or maybe it’s because it’s so cheap. One or the other.

This is very much like melting a lime popsicle into a pilsner. The lime hits you right up front so if you’re not expecting it, the flavor will smack you right in the mouth. The aftertaste is… well… Bud Light. Barley malt and rice, more on the watery side. I feel like the lime flavors make for a pleasant addition. I understand, it’s a bit like putting perfume on a pig but pigs are sort of cute in their own way, right?

Even though there are many preconceived notions about Budweiser this is actual pretty refreshing. It does not hide its Bud Light flavor so if that’s a deal breaker for you then avoid this beer period. However, if you don’t mind it and you don’t shy away from sweet citrus flavors, go nuts! It’s a nice budget choice for mowing the lawn or relaxing by the pool! Probably!

4 thoughts on “Beer Review – AB InBev – Bud Light Lime”
    1. There’s a weird category I’d put it in. I wouldn’t get it for myself, but if I was offered one, I’d drink it.

      1. It’s not horrible. It’s certainly drinkable, but it’s nothing I would ever order for myself. I think the lime puts me off more than the Bud Light does. I do enjoy hints of citrus in some beers, but not lime.

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