Beer Review – Boatyard Brewing Company – Lake Effect Double IPA

“Screw you Thursday”

Style: American Double
ABV: 9.7%
8 Stars

What do you do when the weather is in the mid-30s, your family is sick, and it’s windy, snowing and raining all at the same time? I think it’s time for some beer and vidya gamez! Since it’s so garbage outside, I decided it was time to break out the heavy artillery and go for Boatyard Brewing’s Lake Effect Double IPA. A surefire way to get through a crappy night.

Just LOOk at that head! Amazing! I want to fall asleep on it! Not too strong of a smell here. There’s a sweet spiciness, definitely hoppy. If you get your nose right up in there you can detect a stronger, more alcoholic smell. It might burn your sniffer a bit. Very hazy color, not the most beautiful color but overall not unpleasant.

This beer absolutely grew on me. Initially on my first few sips I wasn’t really feeling it. It is hoppy-sweet with a slightly boozy aftertaste.  It doesn’t have the solid hop flavor of a Two Hearted and it isn’t as flavorful or rich as a DRIPA so I wasn’t feeling very strongly. But as my head started to swim and my nose began to feel fuzzy, I was getting into it. It wasn’t just because I was buzzed but I sipped on it slowly, took some time to ponder and could begin to appreciate the more subtle tastes that Lake Effect brings to the table. There is a pleasant roundness of flavor and an almost husky bitter tinge. If you don’t love your first few sips, let it warm a bit and give it another try.

This beer will knock you on your behind. I know it’s not as strong as many others but it’s very drinkable for it’s 9.7%. I was shocked by how much this beer impacted me. My lips were tingling at half a glass. I was really drawn to the enameled blue can and the simple and delightful artwork but I stayed for the solid IPA flavor and high ABVs. Don’t be afraid to pick one up!