Style: IPA
ABV: 7.0%
7 Stars

I am aware that this is a pretty weak critique but can I just say I really think that Blue Point should have added some kind of optical illusion on their bottle. Maybe a black and white bottle that makes you feel like the logo is spinning? Or you can see gray dots that are not really there?? Basically, come on Blue Point, get on it.

Not much of a smell here. The color is very pleasant, like warm firelight, and it is bubbly and bright. I think I am partial to beer appearance. It’s not too common that there is an “ugly” beer, but they do exist!

The initial taste here is pleasant and vaguely hoppy. You’ll notice quite a bit of citrus and apricot flavors as well as some gentle grains. There seems to be a heavier malt flavor than you notice with most IPAs. It feel bright and tickly in the mouth and I find it very pleasant for summer drinking! It leads you on with warm and fuzzy feelings of summer, yet the end dumps you in the street. It’s very piney and grubby. It isn’t the worst taste in the world but it is a pretty big letdown from where you began.

I can see this being a controversial IPA. It tastes pretty malty for an IPA and the aftertaste is less pleasantly hoppy and more angry pine tar. However, I feel that the very pleasant flavors on the front end push this beer to a higher tier than it would be without it. Frankly, there are so many IPAs that you would be safe to skip this one but it also wouldn’t be a mistake to pick this up. Sorry to be so wishy-washy, take it for what it is!

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