Have you ever eaten at Tomatoes Apizza? It’s some pretty delicious pizza and they have a very serious salad bar game. Big shout out to Sarah too for her awesome service! If they had a larger selection of beer I may just have to move to Farmington Hills!

What better beer to have with pizza than an Italian beer? Peroni is light gold and very bubbly. There’s something very primal about my joy at seeing such a golden effervescent beer! It has a nice yeasty smell and I would say it smells a bit like my grandpa. I don’t know what that says about me or my grandpa.

It’s very similar to many other major lagers like a Bud or Busch.It has a bit of a grainy taste and is a bit spicy, leaving a pleasant warmth in your mouth. It’s a little bit bitter and I don’t feel like the flavors have a nice blend to them. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride. Not surprisingly, based on the bubbles this is a very burpy beer. I would not suggest it as a date beer.

It’s an alright beer but it doesn’t have an entirely pleasant taste. It also leaves a strange film in your mouth as an aftertaste. It feels like a weird beer tarp. It’s fine enough, I’m just happy to have pizza and beer.

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