We have enjoyed a truly beautiful Summer here in Michigan. For me, it was filled with hoppy IPA’s and light, refreshing Pale Ales, and an occasional Lager. It’s hard to believe that those months have passed so quickly. With Fall on the horizon, that means, among other things, Oktoberfest Marzen Style beers. This is not the most exciting or complex style of beer, but when done properly, they are really good. This year the folks at Bell’s decided to bottle their Oktoberfest Beer and it is a dead on representation of the style. It’s light, crisp, and really easy to drink; almost an “Oberon for the Fall”. I have been describing it as “Fall in a bottle”. At 5.5%ABV, it won’t knock you out if you have a few while watching football or doing whatever else Fall days bring your way. Cheers!

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