Brewery: Bell's
Style: Octoberfest
ABV: 5.5%
6.5 Stars

Break out the lederhosen boys and girls because it’s time for Oktoberfest.  Contrary to its’ name, Oktoberfest actually starts in September in Germany, and only six Munich breweries can brew beer for the event.  These breweries brew a traditional Marzen style lager, which is dry, crisp, and goes down smooth.  Bell’s Octoberfest takes its’ German counterpart and punches it up, American style.

This Octoberfest pours with a thin white head that quickly dissipates and leaves some light lacing.  It has a delightful aroma that’s full of caramel malts with a hint of floral hops.  It has a much more malty flavor than a German Octoberfest that explodes in your mouth with caramel, bread, and a slight spice of clove.  It has a medium body, which is much more suited for the chillier Fall months.

Bell’s has taken a great German style and turned up the volume.  If you’re into to craft beer with more flavor that’s not afraid to buck tradition then give this brew a try.  I encourage you to try Bell’s Octoberfest along with one of the traditional German beers and let me know which style you prefer.

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