Brewery: Bells Brewery
Style: Double India Pale Ale
ABV: 8%
7.5 Stars

When I heard that Bell’s was adding another IPA to their portfolio, I was a bit excited. The IPA’s that Bell’s has done over the years have been really well done. Two Hearted Ale is consistently on lists of “must taste” IPA’s. HopSlam, while meeting with various levels of acclaim, is still highly sought after and I continue to enjoy it. Oracle is a favorite of mine, as well. What’s great is that these IPA’s all have very different flavor profiles. Enter “Hopsoulution”. This is a very well balanced DIPA (barely so at 8%ABV, but it plays very well) with floral notes in the nose that make way for what turns out to be a “juice bomb” with both tropical fruit and citrus coming through in the body and lingering in the finish. It couldn’t be any fresher. This one was bottled just a week ago. Bell’s did a great job of making the flavor profile here different than their other IPA’s. Cheers!

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