The suffocating, oppressive, desolation of winter is here! Hooray! When is there a better time to lock yourself inside, crack open a beer, and wallow in the harsh, cheerless gloom.

I decided to try and cheer myself up with a Bell’s Winter White. I would say that it worked for the most part. This beer has a nice smell, very beer-like. I feel like witbiers have a very nice, yeasty, fruity smell. It draws you right in. There is a definite cloudiness as one would find in a wheat beer.

This is an interesting take on a winter beer. Many times when you think of a beer in the wintertime a heavy, thick stout or a spiced ale come to mind. I would say this is a unique choice. All is merry and bright I suppose? It has a vivid and light taste, I would say it’s pretty standard for a wheat beer. There are other beers I would probably rather reach for instead of this.

I like the idea of breaking the mold for a winter beer but there might be a reason the mold is there in the first place. Winter White doesn’t bring winter to mind for me. It definitely is not a bad beer but it’s not really shaking my winter blues.

One final note, I would highly recommend drinking this beer cold. As it warms the flavor falls apart quite a bit. It’s actually fairly unpleasant. Just drink it outside, that should keep it cold…  

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