Style: Kellerbier / Zwickelbier
ABV: 5.5%
10 Stars

Waypost Brewing Co is a small operation that focuses on quality, not quantity. Situated on a beautiful farm, the open air brewery prides itself on being a part of the environment around it. According to them, the fields provide many of the ingredients in their products. Their House Lager is described as elegant and not showy, and is brewed in the German Zwickelbier style of unfiltered lagers.

The idea of unfiltered, uncovered beers has never really appealed to me. I’m not a home brewer, nor am I by any means a perfectionist, but the thought of “other stuff” somehow making its way into my beer during the brewing process is honestly terrifying. The zwickelbier style has been around since the Middle Ages, and I suppose by this point we’ve figured out how to make uncovered brewing work for us. Waypost Brewing Co in Fennville, MI has certainly mastered this process.

Enjoyed at home while re-watching the entire Fringe series … for the third time.

By the look of it, the House Lager was unlike other lagers I’m familiar with. It was completely opaque due to being unfiltered and had a beautiful golden orange color. It seemed to glow in the glass. The malty aroma and mild bitterness were more than I had anticipated a lager could have. Even though it was so cloudy, there was no stickiness or chewiness to the beer. It tasted clean and finished mostly smooth. There was some lingering bitterness — again, more than I was used to with regular lagers — but it only added to how tasty and easy to drink this beer was.

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I’ve been afraid of uncovered brewing practices for so long, but Waypost Brewing Co managed to change my mind. No small feat! If something this delicious can be pulled from the Middle Ages to the present, what else have I been missing out on? I can’t wait to see what other styles Waypost brings to life, and I absolutely recommend their House Lager.

Disclaimer: Waypost Brewing Co provided Dani with complimentary House Lager for this review.

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By Danielle Fracassa

Early late 30s, married, 4 cats, cheeseburger obsessed, New England IPA lover and world traveler. Head of the Detroit Chapter of Girls Pint Out, a national organization for women who love craft beer.

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