Style: Sour - Fruited
ABV: 5%
8 Stars

Aside from visiting a friend pouring for Transient Artisan Ales last year at the Michigan Brewer’s Guild‘s Detroit Fall Beer Festival, I had never tasted any of the Bridgman brewery’s beers before. No real reason why. They just didn’t come across my radar and I don’t get out to the west side of the state very often.

Recently, my trusty beer guru, Ashley of Holiday Market, pointed me in the direction of Transient’s Poppin’ Pastels, a sour wheat ale with blackberry, raspberry, lemon, and vanilla.

At first, none of these ingredients in a beer appealed to me. Wheat? Nope. Sour? Probably not. Berries? Yeah, no… I shared with Ashley my thoughts and he said, “Just try it. I think you’ll be surprised.” Considering how right he has been with beer suggestions for me thus far in our professional relationship (see my review of One Well’s Xalapa), I took his advice and brought home a can.

Enjoyed on the Fourth of July!

When poured into a glass Poppin’ Pastels was a rich, dark ruby color and had lemon and berries wafting out from the glass. It was a lovely beer. Even in a heatwave, like the one we’ve been experiencing in Michigan, I found this beer to be refreshing and easy to drink. The berry flavors and milk sugars really coated the tongue and lingered long after each swallow. It felt decadent while not being heavy or weighed down. It tasted sweet, but not at all overpowering.

I can’t believe I doubted my guru! Ashley, if you’re reading this beer review, you were right! You’re always right. At only 5% ABV, Poppin’ Pastels is delicious and refreshing similar to a poolside shandy. I’d love to see it become a summer staple.

Disclaimer: Dani purchased this beer for the review from Holiday Market.