Style: Porter - Imperial/Double
ABV: 11.8
7 Stars

Hold on to your butts! Ed is back with another dark beer to review and it’s coming from Beer City USA!

The Mitten Brewing Co had a Winter Patio Party in conjunction with their 7th Anniversary on Saturday, November 23. I’m being told that 2020 is full of “big things” for the Mitten, so if this anniversary party and its beers are any indication of what’s to come, I’m pumped!

Photo Credit – The Mitten Brewing Co

The Winter Patio Party featured a ton of special beers including the Executioner, a barrel aged barley wine; Batting 1,000, a double Country Strong IPA batch; a barrel aged scotch porter; and Imperial Peanuts & Crackerjack, our focus beer for this review.

I was unable to make the anniversary party, but managed to sneak by the brewery during a recent Beerventure to Grand Rapids.

In the taproom, I grabbed a taster and was met with a ton of peanut butter and chocolate. The beer was strong and boozy, too. It warmed me up from the nasty November weather Mother Nature was throwing at me during my travels. The taster told me I needed to take more home to enjoy, so I picked up a howler (see below).

Regardless of the location I was enjoying the beer, I found the chocolate to be overpowering at times and competing with the peanut butter for attention. This imperial beer was so dangerously smooth, yet it’s 11.8% catches up with you after a while.

I hope the Mitten Brewing Co. keeps this beer within the portfolio, especially in the winter months. It was a special beer for a special reason and earned a seven from me, which coincidentally matches up with the seventh anniversary.


Disclaimer: Ed purchased this beer for this review.