Since I left the dating world in the long-ago year of 2007, things have changed. The thought of “getting back out there,” even though I have no plans to do so, frankly, terrifies me. Where do you meet people these days? What do you talk about? Is there new slang I’m not aware of? I’m stressed out thinking about it.

Because really, trying new beers is a lot like dating, right? Sometimes you just can’t make a connection, the flavors are off, there’s too much or too little carbonation … I’m getting lost here. It’s a good thing I’m married now and don’t have to do this for real.

Internet Dating is a collaboration gose between Short’s Brewing Company, a well-known Michigan brewery, and Central State Brewing, a brewery out of Indianapolis. Back in my day (I sincerely believe I’m old enough to say that), a beer of this caliber would have never entered my orbit. Back then I would have been intimidated into retreat, but these days I’m comfortable enough to try new things. I can say confidently that Internet Dating, as a beer, is incredible. Any gal would be lucky to have it!

Enjoyed on a post-storm Sunday evening while watching reruns of New Girl on Netflix.

It is a gose with cucumber, raspberry, and lemon verbena. It pours a beautiful, clean pink, and has a faint hint of lemon. The raspberry is surprisingly complementary and not at all overpowering. It’s a perfect base for the cucumber and the sweetness of the lemon verbena. I know this is a gose, but its mouthfeel is so refreshing and crisp that the slickness I’d expect from such a beer isn’t even there. I wish actual dating was as easy as this beer.

Disclaimer: Dani purchased this beer for review.

Danielle Fracassa

Early late 30s, married, 4 cats, cheeseburger obsessed, New England IPA lover and world traveler. Head of the Detroit Chapter of Girls Pint Out, a national organization for women who love craft beer.


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