Brewery: Odd Side Ales
Style: Pale Ale - American
ABV: 5.3
7 Stars

I can recall with some clarity the first Odd Side Ales beer I ever had. It was their Mayan Mocha Stout and my husband gave it to me in a loving attempt to pull me out of a West Coast IPA rut. It was spicy, chocolately, jittery, and smooth! What is this Devil’s brew? I thought. Despite its delicious taste, it was too much and I thought my soul was forever corrupted, so I stayed away.

Recently I found myself in another IPA rut. This rut was one of the New England variety, so I decided to make a change. I scoured the shelves of Holiday Market and my gaze stopped on another Odd Side Ales craft. I submitted to temptation yet again with Herby Pepper Hop and immediately snagged it. A pale ale brewed with black peppercorns? The heck you say!

Enjoyed on a sultry Thursday night in the idyllic hamlet of Oak Park

Upon my first sip, however, I found that despite my assumptions, my thoughts did not turn to darkness and evil. My soul did not wither and blacken. This was a delicious pale ale.

All potential damnation aside, Herby Pepper Hop was a tasty treat. The dark amber color of the beer fairly glows and its malty aroma is warm on the nose. I found its name to be deceiving because the peppercorn flavors are there long after the finish and in the faintest measure. It is similar to the 30 minute time period after eating something with hot sauce on it. I could easily put away a few of these things on a mild summer night. It would also make for a perfect addition to a backyard barbecue.

It’s entirely possible that my New England IPA rut (though I prefer to call it an obsession) won’t come to an end, but I’m fine with that. It’s good to have options, right?

Disclaimer: Dani purchased this beer for the review.



By Danielle Fracassa

Early late 30s, married, 4 cats, cheeseburger obsessed, New England IPA lover and world traveler. Head of the Detroit Chapter of Girls Pint Out, a national organization for women who love craft beer.

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