Beer: LoLo
Style: IPA - American
ABV: 6.5
8 Stars

While looking for Michigan breweries participating in the worldwide All Together collaboration started by Other Half Brewing Co in New York, I stumbled upon, what I thought was, a new-to-me brewery called Mothfire Brewing Co. in Ann Arbor. It turns out it was a brand new brewery that was opening in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no doubt about it, COVID-19 has had and will have a detrimental impact on Michigan breweries. But for a brewery to be opening during the pandemic?! Now that was something I needed to check out.

Mothfire Brewing Co. is in a well-known location if you’re familiar with the Ann Arbor beer scene. Mothfire’s owner, Noah Kaplan, and brewers, David Becker and Bruce Bell have purchased Pileated Brewery in April of 2019 and have been rebranding and remaking the space to fulfill their vision of Mothfire which is a commitment “to creating a cultural bonfire through modern craft beer, music, and art to bring us all together.”

The brewery’s first day of business was on Friday, May 17th and they sold out within hours. I was able to stop by the next weekend and grab a handful of their beers including their version of All Together; Steep, a coffee stout; and LoLo, the focus of this review.

LoLo is advertised as a “Lit Haze DDH IPA”, which set the bar high, in my opinion. Mothfire delivered. LoLo had mellow moments of being juicy and hazy. It was not in your face or dank by any means. I found the beer to be refreshing with a soft mouthfeel. It had tons of tropical notes from the Citra and El Dorado hops. If you’re looking for a tasty IPA to cool off with this summer, LoLo is your beer.

Mothfire’s next beer drop is this Friday, June 5. Check out Mothfire’s social media pages, along with their website for details on the beers available and when they are open for pick up. They are located in Ann Arbor at 2290 S Industrial Hwy.


Disclaimer: Ed purchased this beer for review.